SDSU Advances to NIT Final Four


In case you missed it, our very own San Diego State Aztecs advanced to the Final Four of the NIT tournament by defeating St. Mary’s.  They will match up against Baylor at Madison Square Garden on March 31st, 2009 at 7:00PM EST.

If this surprises you, it shouldn’t.  This is arguably one of SDSU’s best teams under Steve Fisher and many felt that the Aztecs were snubbed by the NCAA tournament this year.  Fortunately for SDSU alumni and San Diegans, the Aztecs came to the NIT to ball it up and prove that they deserve to be considered in the future because whether the networks like it or not, SDSU and San Diego are relevant once again.

A healthy CONGRATULATIONS is in order and hopefully, this will get Aztec’s minds off of their football team which went  9-27 in three seasons under Coach Long who was hired in December 2005 with no previous head coaching experience.  I am no expert… well no more than the rest of you, but it looks as if you hire a coach with experience, it might actually translate in to wins and excitement.

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