The Bleacher Bums on XX


Click Here to Sign The Petition To Remove The Bleacher Bums From XX1090

The Bleacher Bums can now be heard on XX1090 from 3:PM-7:PM even though you will probably be unable to handle them for more than five minutes.  The last thing San Diego radio needed was more east coast biased personalities who don’t understand San Diego or San Diegans.  These two have no understanding of our history, frustrations, and expectations.  I doubt they understand why we stand by our players like Trevor Hoffman and Ladanian Tomlinson and despise management for even thinking about moving them.

We are the fifth all time losingest city in America, we have jettisoned all-stars for beans over the past thirty years, we had the all time biggest bust for a #1 draft pick in the history of the NFL, and our local baseball franchise just got done with a fire sale four years after this city spent $458,000,000 on building it a new ballpark.  Is it too much to ask for a knowledgeable radio host who knows a little something about San Diego who can relate to the local listeners?

I realize we have a lot of transplants in San Diego, but for crying out loud, give San Diegans something decent to listen to besides two guys who drink six Redbulls in five minutes and then take fan phone calls for four hours.  This is essentially the same format as Lee Haxaw Hamilton’s and 1360AM canned him in September.  To top it off, their sports knowledge is pedestrian at best.  Bon Appetit San Diego!

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