A Match-Up For The Ages


Two of the best college football coaches ever!  A true Rose Bowl, the Big 10 champion vs. the Pac 10 champion.  Forget the fact that Oklahoma could not beat Texas and that they have again been anointed Paper Champions by a completely flawed and f@cked up system with no transparency and an east coast bias larger than the state of Texas and the eastern seaboard combined. Forget the fact that USC or any other top five team would dominate OU because they are bigger choke artists than Ohio State. In fact, just forget the facts and all logic and trust in the BCS system!

BCS – Beyond Common Sense

That being said, the Rose Bowl is going to be a phenomenal game.  I am actually excited to watch this match-up so I can see a good bowl game this year.  Not only is it exciting to go up against JoePa, it is exciting to see a match-up like this one that does not come around very often.  Congratulation to the Trojans and the Nittany Lions for getting to the 2009 Rose Bowl!

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