If the Padres ownership was unsure of how to piss off San Diego Padres fans more than they already were, they need not look any further.  Can you say the words, “Salary Dump”?

As if this last season wasn’t a big enough F-U to San Diegans, now they are trading our homegrown Cy Young Winner who happens to be the 4th best hitter on our AAA Padres team.  4 years after we spent $458 MILLION DOLLARS to build this organization a new stadium, they are turning their back on the community like they have done several times throughout my lifetime.

Let us get a few things straight.  We would not have to trade Peavy right now had we not drafted 4 prospects in the 21st century who have had Tommy John surgery.  Grady Fuson should be shipped off, not Peavy.  This doesn’t count the other prospects we drafted in the past 8 years who had other ailments like Colitis or hip surgery.  You couldn’t put together a worse ensemble of $hitty picks if you tried… seriously!

Secondly, we signed $15 MILLION in Free Agents last year that did not do anything productive.  $6 Million was released after 6 weeks(Jim Edmonds).  $1 Million didn’t even play one out(Mark Prior).  $4 Million played for only two months(Tadahito Iguchi), while another $4 Million got us a 6-10 record with a 4.74 ERA(Randy Wolf).

Finally, we are not about to get anything close to what Peavy is worth.  The Padres ownership is not attempting to improve the team whatsoever, they are merely getting rid of Jake for the lint in someone else’s pocket so they can get by without spending their own lint.  Mark our words, the Padres will not be getting good prospects, they will be getting affordable ones.  This is a giant shell game being played with our baseball team because some rich asshole is getting a divorce and hired a bigger asshole to ruin what we have been building for the past 4 years under the guise of “building”.  We were building for the World Series the past few years and now we are rebuilding again?

Sorry San Diego, F-U again from local sports owners!

Here’s a cheery thought to end this column which echoes loudly in the halls of San Diego.

“This one just came hot off the wire and it’s a doozy.  My family, long-time San Diego Padres fans and franchise supporters through thick and thin, may not renew our season tickets for next season. I don’t know if I can adequately explain how much of an indictment that is of how awful things have gotten in Friar-ville.”  – Homer Freer

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