Remember the #1 Ranked Bears Defense that took them to Superbowl XLI?


That is Superbowl 41 for those of you who are Roman numerically challenged.  For additional Roman Numeral practice, Ron was in Superbowl XX in 1985.  If anyone knows anything about football, they should know that the Bears ’85 D was arguably the best defense EVER.  Hmmm, seems like we should’ve done this a while back, but that would be WAY to obvious in San Diego.  We like to put ourselves through agonizing pain when it comes to seemingly obvious changes by waiting until the very last possible second to make them.  Something that should have been done in the off-season arguably, but how do you fire the D-Coordinator for the #1 ranked D in the league?  Simple.  Just wait until your season is almost done, your playoff chances are hanging on a thread thinner than Merriman’s MCL, and you are LAST in pass defense.

Well, kudos to AJ and The Chargers for making the decision before our D gave up 300 pass yards and 3TD’s  in a bye week!

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