2008 Chargers RIP


While this team was 5-5 last year before going on an 8 game win streak to end the season at the doorstep of the Super Bowl and the operating table, the Chargers are now 3-5 on the 2008 season and a long way from repeating last year’s success.  According to Chargers’ GM, AJ Smith, “The Chargers were built for 2008.”  His formula for success depends on three aspects;  you have to be good, injury free, and lucky.  After the first 8 games, I think its safe to say that we have not been lucky(ie. Denver – Week 2), injury free(ie. LT, Marcus McNeil, Nick Hardwick, Shawne Merriman), or good(ie. LAST in the league in Pass Defense which gives up 265yds/game).

Unfortunately for San Diegans and The Chargers, our schedule does not get easier in the second half.  Additionally, with the way our luck has been going, we can’t even pencil in two wins against the NFL’s worst team, The KC Chiefs.  Every game is a must win from here on out as The Chargers cannot lose anymore games and hope to make the playoffs this year.  At 3-5, The Chargers must win out or put their hopes on other teams in order to help us get in to the playoffs because it is highly unlikely that we will be in the post-season at 10-6 or 9-7 unless Denver absolutely collapses.

All in all this season, The Chargers have been hot, cold, and unlucky.  Some games they show up and look like The SUPER Chargers and other games they look like the 1993 Houston Oilers who surrendered the largest comeback in NFL history to The Bills and back-up QB Frank Reich.  The point I’m trying to make is that our current defense stinks to high hell and in the words of an SNL Weekend Update Correspondant, “FIX IT!”.

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