FU%K The Fish


Preferably this one!  However, if you recall the last time the fish came to San Diego; we had our asses handed to us in a hat by our own Chris Chambers.  In that same game, they basically handed the Chargers their couch tickets for the 2005 playoffs as well by defeating them 23-21.

After an impressive defeat of New England and two weeks to get healthy and prepare for this game, the Chargers need to get after it early this week and stay out of the hole.  We have allowed the other team to score early much too often and it needs to stop this week.

Joey Porter is already talking a big game and I am really anxious to see how our line does this week, now that we are getting our starters back and healthy.  LaDainian Tomlinson has four touchdowns in the past 2 weeks, but is he healthy?  The Fantasy World is clamoring to find out and San Diego just wants their Superman back to his old self.  While LT has looked sluggish since his toe injury, that is to be expected.  Turf Toe is a serious injury and they should come up with a new name that sounds scarier like Bunionitis C, but it is almost as bad as a high ankle sprain.  LT should start looking like his old self pretty soon and I would personally rather have him healthy for the end of the season this year anyway!  He’ll Be Back… Trust Me!

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