Chargers Win…wait…WHAT?!!!


On a day when the referees decided to take the day off, so did instant replay.  On the Chargers’ opening drive, a Chris Chambers reception was ruled an interception after a 12 yard completion for a first down.  The red flag was immediately thrown by Turner and the response was, “The instant replay equipment is not working.”  Last time I checked we were living in the 21st Century and this was a National Football League game.  One could ask why Ed Hochuli did not refer to the instant replay booth or to the diamond vision, but that would be too commonsensical.


On a day when the referees were obviously lacking common sense, they proceeded to outdo themselves in the final quarter which literally gave the game to Denver.  “I blew it,” is how Hochuli explained it to Turner on the sideline.   “That is not acceptable,” Turner said. “This is the NFL. Our guys fought hard to come back. It was just disappointing to have that kind of performance spoiled by that call.”


Instant Replay is in place to aid the officials in getting the calls right.  What is the point of having this equipment if it does not work, or they refuse to use it?  Three million San Diegans are furious and the NFL has yet to issue a statement and probably will not, even though everyone including the Denver Broncos know the Chargers got robbed.

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