“Unfinished Business!”


AWESOME!  That is our opinion on Shawne Merriman.  One word sums up The San Diego Chargers, Heart.  Shawne Merriman has gone all over the country discussing his options with four different doctors.  We have no idea what they told him, but we know what ESPN’s doctor and all of their talking heads have told him… “Dont’ Play!”.  None of them are #56 on this #1 Ranked Chargers Defense and none of them feel like they have “Unfinished Business” for this NFL season.


Do you really believe anyone at ESPN gives a flying F%&K about Merriman’s future?  The answer is a resounding NO.  Nobody at ESPN or any of the networks wants San Diego in the Super Bowl and it seems like their #1 goal right now is to convince Merriman to sit this season out.  They are pleading for him to think about his future, but not one of them would shed a tear if he never played again or won the Super Bowl this year.


He just wants to play football!  Shut the hell up ESPN and let him!  Go back to reporting on the Yankees and how they are not going to make the playoffs!


We need more coverage of the Yankees’ shitty season like we need another armchair opinion from ESPN.  Suck it ESPN!

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