Padres sign Allan Dykstra… aka “Baby Dunn”


The Padres finally signed the 23rd overall pick of the 2008 draft.  After the Padres selected him it became known that Dykstra had some medical issues… big surprise right?


“He’s a strong kid with an unbelievable eye at the plate,” said Bill Gayton, the Padres’ director of scouting. Padres General Manager Kevin Towers likened Dykstra to Adam Dunn — “he has that type of raw power.”


Dykstra called being drafted by the Padres “a perfect situation for me.  I was extremely happy when my named was called. I’ve been a Padre fan all my life. I grew up with Bruce Bochy and his son. Tony Gwynn was my favorite player.”


Click here to read more about the draft day signing.

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