Chase Headley…. Maybe you’ve heard of him by now?


FINALLY!  The Pads are calling up Chase headley and activating him today.  Andy Pettitte is the slated starter for the Yankees, so we’ll have to wait and see if Headley starts in left field today or tomorrow since Pettitte is a lefty.  I’m just glad we get to see this kid play.  San Diego is not looking for a savior, but I can pretty much guarantee you that they we are not looking for Paul McAnulty!  Kudos to the organization for only dragging their feet until June 17th!


Here’s a little inside info about our prospect with one of the Greatest Porn names in baseball history(see also Dick Pole and Pete LaCock).


Chase Jordan Headley (born May 9, 1984 in Colorado Springs, Colorado) is a major league baseball player currently playing for the San Diego Padres. He plays third base, although the organization is trying to convert him to play left field. He is a switch-hitter. Headley is currently the organization’s top ranked prospect according to Baseball America. He is also known for his mental “makeup” and intensity, being a high school class valedictorian and academic all-American.


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