This guy needs to relive his glory days in retirement


“I was brought here to teach this team how to win a championship”       -Jim Edmonds

Courtesy of the UT – Batting in the No. 5 hole despite a .181 average with one home run 83 at-bats, Edmonds torpedoed the offense Tuesday night by making three harmless outs with runners in scoring position. His final at-bat yielded another out, dropping his on-base percentage to .255.



We were jazzed for Jimmy this year… REALLY!  We wrote an article that highlighted his rigorous S.W.A.T. training and we bought the whole kit and caboodle that the Padres organization sold us as well… sort of.  Well, not really… we were angry just like you, but old players seem to be hit or miss when they come to SD before they retire and we were hoping for a hit.


I would not say that we were wrong like the Padres front office, we were optimistic like fans should be before a season.


I think that lasted to the 2nd or 3rd day of training camp when Jimmy pulled his calf… IN THE BATTERS BOX!  Maybe he should have been training with The San Diego School of Baseball instead of a S.W.A.T. team member.  I knew a S.W.A.T. guy once and his own team shot him in the leg ‘cause he was a tool.  Maybe Jimmy was trained by this guy.


Do you remember that 22 inning LOSS?  I was sitting behind home plate with some other rowdy fans and I will never forget them getting on Jimmy and calling his name like he was “TIMMY” from South Park.  What do you expect when you don’t come through for the home team in the clutch?  We already had guys that couldn’t hit in the clutch… that’s why we brought in TIMMY… I mean Jimmy!


Thanks for bringing your Championship ways to San Diego Jimmy!  Maybe he is secretly a Cardinal still?

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