Bill Grier is Staying at USD


Thanks for a great year Bill and thanks for representing the true San Diego mentality to the rest of the United States!  Money isn’t everything… especially in San Diego!


“I have decided to stay at USD because I strongly feel in my heart that this is what is best for me and my family right now. USD is a great place and I look forward to working with our staff and players to continue building on what we have started here.”


Seriously though… Would you take an extra $350,000 – $1M to move away from San Diego and up to Berkley or Washington?  What is that extra cash going to buy you?  It will not buy you San Diego weather, it will not buy you San Diegans, it will not buy you a life in America’s Finest City!  People that are not from San Diego, just cannot understand, nor do we want them to.  Silent Pride Bill, silent pride!


We look forward to next year and we appreciate a man of his word!

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