Chase Headley is going back to AAA even though he crushed the baseball harder than any other Padre this spring.

Headley hit .349 in 43 at-bats with three doubles and a triple, and he led the team in home runs (four) and RBIs (14) in 23 spring games.  It is a long season and if the Padres think a few weeks in AAA will help him, then I say do it.  It’s not the hitting, it’s the fielding that needs improvement.  We all know Petco LF is tricky, so let’s bring this guy up after a few more weeks when he’s ready and hungry!  Besides, we’re like a MASH unit right now and he could be called back sooner than anyone realizes with all of the “experience” on this team.


Speaking of “experience”, I’d like to rebut my colleague’s previous Spring Training Update quote, “Jim Edmonds is hard!”

I too read this Jim Edmonds article which described his training with a SWAT Team member.  He was being punished and coming back for more and blah blah blah.


The season hasn’t even started and Jim is on the DL.  Awesome!  Truly Awesome!  I’m glad no one saw this coming… and by no one, I mean everyone in San Diego.


Supercharged Quotes

“ I don’t expect the Padres to spend $15 million a year on a free agent, but it would be nice if they brought in someone exciting that isn’t on the mend or attempting a comeback.  This pattern of coming up short is tiresome and San Diegans deserve more.”

“How can you complain about having a small market, when you’re not an exciting team?  People watch exciting teams no matter who their market is.”

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