Jim Edmonds is hard!


This past off-season Jim Edmonds worked out with a former SWAT team member.  They should play the SWAT theme song every time Edmonds comes to the plate.  Padre fans are going to love Edmonds.


To learn more about Edmonds off-season read this North County Times article by Dan Hayes.  http://tinyurl.com/37f4q4



Khalil Greene wants to stay in San Diego.


At a press conference in Peoria he told reporters “There’s nowhere else I would really rather play than San Diego.”  “I don’t want to go anywhere.”  “Ideally, I could stay here for the rest my career as a major league baseball player.”


The defensive minded Greene also commented on the infield surface at Petco saying, “It’s the best in the league, by far”.


Paul McAnulty isn’t fat anymore and this is his last chance.


Perennial Padre underachiever Paul McAnulty told the San Diego Union Tribune “I’ve been working out six times a week,”  “I’ve gotten faster, I’ve gotten stronger. Back in Oxnard, I had two guys throwing me batting practice. One is a right-handed pitcher; the other is a left-handed pitcher. I am ready. I haven’t been more pumped up for a season.”


McAnulty better find his swing if he wants to stay a Padre.  I cringe every time he comes to the plate in his sweet iridium lens Oakleys.





I hope Creed wasn’t playing in the background for this sensitive shot

(Union-Tribune file photo)

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