What to do without football or baseball

Picture 24

With the end of the football season upon us there is not much to watch on TV these days.  The writer’s strike has ruined my nightly television schedule.  The regular season NBA is dull.  A few trades (Boston, LA, SUNS) and LeBron James have helped to make NBA a little more tolerable, still the regular season is long and drawn out.  No one cares until the playoffs start.  Even then the game isn’t exciting until the 4th quarter.  College basketball is fun to watch but only when certain teams are playing, on certain days, with certain match ups, or in the month of March.  I couldn’t tell you what channel the NHL is on and I don’t think the Gulls play in San Diego anymore.  ESPN is terrible because all they talk about is the same thing everyday (Roger Clemens, steroids, the Patriots and the Yankees).  Books are for dorks.

If you are looking for something to watch, do, or read until baseball starts here is a weekly list of SAN DIEGO SPORTS WIRE APPROVED gems.

Trust us, you will never be disappointed


The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters


Ali vs. Frazier, Padres vs. Doyers, USC vs. Notre Dame, and now Billy Mitchell vs. Steve Wiebe.  If you have ever played a video game in your life, you will enjoy this movie.  If you have never played a video game, you will still enjoy this film.




3786 Ingraham St           San Diego, CA 92109


Dine with other San Diego superstars like the KOOZ and LO NEAL.  Best burger in town. Hands down. They only accept cash. Beer and Wine only.

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