Rivers had knee surgery before the AFC Championship!


“He runs his mouth too much.”  “He needs to focus on football.”  “He’s the new Ryan Leaf.”




How many of you knew Philip Rivers had arthroscopic knee surgery on January 14th, the Monday before the AFC championship game?  Who in their right mind has knee surgery the Monday before a Sunday game?  Philip FREAKING Rivers, that’s who!  A man who obviously cares a ton and warrants the respect of all San Diegans just like other San Diego greats such as Tony Gwynn, Dan Fouts, LT, Antonio Gates, Jake Peavy, etc.  This guy played on a sprained left MCL for the latter half of the season and then partially tore his right ACL in the Colts game trying to deliver a championship to this city and help his team overcome ridiculous odds that rival Gilgamesh(Gilgamesh is credited with having been a demigod of superhuman strength who built a great wall to defend his people from external threats).  I would venture out there and say that we now know Norv Turner’s  Doubtful classification for Philip Rivers was accurate for the AFC championship game and not some mere ruse like the Brady/Belichick mockery week-in and week-out throughout the season.

Many of you might have seen this article, “Rivers undergoes successful knee surgery”.  However, my source is none other than Jim Nantz who appeared on the Scott & BR Show this morning and told this heroic story.    Apparently there is a broadcasting agreement that allows broadcasters to get privy information from the teams before the game in order to enhance the broadcasts.  These announcers do not share this information with anyone; not producers, not directors, and definitely not Bill Belichick.  However, the Chargers did not disclose that Philip Rivers had already had knee surgery.  “They basically lied to us”, said Jim Nantz.  Jim was not unhappy about it though, and completely understood that the Chargers would not want that information out there until after the Super Bowl… if they had advanced.  Knowing the way the Patriots play, I’m sure Richard Seymour Butts would’ve tried to “accidentally” fall into Philip’s legs multiple times.  I don’t know if this falls in to the “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.” category, but I agree wholeheartedly with this decision of non-disclosure for the safety and longevity of San Diego’s BADASS quarterback who should never ever be mentioned in the same sentence with that fiasco of a #1 draft pick we drafted in 1998.




Philip Rivers cares about this community!


&        HE WINS!


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