Chargers Win Round 1!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Chargers had a tough time getting it going on Sunday and it didn’t look good for the Chargers when they lost Antonio Gates several minutes before the first half ended with a sprained toe.  The first half was frustrating to watch because we just weren’t getting the ball to LT enough.  His first reception didn’t come until the fourth quarter and we gave him 11 touches in the first half.

He looked about as frustrated as I felt before the half ended.

APTOPIX Titans Chargers FootballIn the second half, our San Diego Super Chargers showed up and freaking dominated on both sides of the ball.  The Chargers marched up and down the field in the second half and even went for a gutsy 4th and Goal which resulted in an LT TD.  The Defense, aka Blue Thunder sacked Vince Young a couple times while our new Pro-Bowler, Antonio Cromartie intercepted him late in the fourth quarter to lock up the second half.

Now we go to Indy to take on World Champs.  No easy feat to say the least.  Today was a great victory, but we are essentially in the same place we were last year.  So lets not vote Norv in to the San Diego Hall of Champions quite yet.  Anything can happen in the playoffs, but we were expected to beat the Titans and winning games that we are supposed to win does not impress me nearly as much as winning games that we are expected to lose.  This is the best competition I have seen in the AFC ever.  If we are going to win the whole enchilada this year we need to go punch Indy in the mouth next weekend and then deliver some payback for last year against the Pats… assuming they beat the Jaguars.


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